Workshop on ‘Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Trials in India’ in Bhopal

A two-day capacity building workshop on Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Trials in India, was organized by Sama in Bhopal on 19-20 December, 2013 towards informing and initiating dialogue and building capacities of students, fellow activists, media persons and others in the regulatory and ethical aspects related to the conduct of clinical trials in India.

The workshop sought to develop an understanding and enhance capacities about different aspects of clinical trials, particularly participants’ rights and regulatory mechanisms, towards creating local resources for strengthening advocacy and policy advocacy for participant rights and ethical practice in clinical trials in India.

Dr. Amar Jesani (Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME)], Mr. S. Srinivasan (LOCOST Baroda), Dr. Sunita Bandewar (independent researcher and ethicist), Adv. Veena Johari, Adv. Vishwas Devaiah, Dr Shree Mulay, Dr. Anant Bhan, along with Sama were the resource persons for this workshop.

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