Sama has taken upon itself the task of systematically archiving the references of research articles, books, reports, newspaper articles on public health, women’s reproductive health and rights, adolescent health, assisted reproductive technologies, surrogacy, ethics in clinical trials, access to medicine, gender based violence, population policies and implications of early marriage on health including mental health.

The main purpose of this exercise is to provide researchers, policy makers, women’s groups and health networks working largely in the above mentioned areas with references to updated resource materials at one place. Sama strongly believes in evidence-based policy advocacy and monitoring to effectively address health challenges faced by women and other marginalized groups. Sama creatively integrates its experiences of working with grass-root organizations into research works.

Sama believes that the purpose of research/knowledge creation is not only to help the government formulate better policies addressing issues faced by the poor and vulnerable sections of society but also to assist grass-root organizations by equipping them with latest information and newer concepts.

The systematic archiving of research materials is an ongoing process, which is an integral part of Sama’s effort to create and disseminate evidence-based knowledge.

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