Reproductive labour in fertility markets: a new precariousness

In the context of an ongoing transnational reconfiguration of reproduction, emerging fertility markets based on assisted reproductive technologies and reproductive value chains shape new forms of labour, new labour relations and new subjectivities. Due to ethical considerations, many nation states restrict or ban certain reproductive technologies and waged reproductive labour. Often moral discourses, similar to those around sex work, and a discourse about the gift economy and altruism among women, obscure labour issues. Continue reading

Ethical Issues and Challenges in Research on Gender, Reproductive Technologies and Market

This article is part of the edited volume titled Ethics in Public Health Practice in India, edited by Arima Mishra and Kalyani Subbiah, and published by Springer Singapore in 2018. The chapter seeks to contextualize Sama’s work on assisted reproductive technologies and commercial surrogacy from a bioethical framework. Continue reading

Surrogacy and Social Movements in India: Towards a Collective Conversation

This article is part of the edited volume titled Cross-Cultural Comparisons on Surrogacy and Egg Donation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives From India, Germany and Israel, edited by Sayani Mitra, Silke Schicktanz and Tulsi Patel, and published by Springer Verlag, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham in 2018. This chapter is part of Sama’s attempt to advance more clarity and nuance on the vexed question of commercial surrogacy in India. Continue reading

Researching assisted conception from a feminist lens

This article is part of the edited volume titled Re-Presenting Feminist Methodologies:
Interdisciplinary Explorations, edited by Kalpana Kannabiran, Padmini Swaminathan and published by Routledge India in 2017. This chapter analyses how the need to study and critically engage with assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and their significant offshoot commercial gestational surrogacy has marked our decade-long engagement as a women’s health group. Continue reading

Recruiting to Give Birth: Agent-facilitators and the Commercial Surrogacy Arrangement in India

This article is part of the edited volume titled Babies for Sale? – Transnational Surrogacy, Human Rights and the Politics of Reproduction edited by Miranda Davies and published in 2017. Featuring contributions from over thirty activists and scholars from a range of countries and disciplines, this collection offers the first genuinely international study of transnational surrogacy. Continue reading