Dignity in death or discrimination in death?

“Death comes to one and all, and, the pandemic has brought pain, suffering, and death irrespective of class, caste, race, gender, sex, ethnicity and religion, etc. The haunting memories and the trauma faced by people during the pandemic tell us that this is the time for care, empathy, and kindness—toward oneself and others. And this is indeed a long haul that demands our collective strength and support.” An essay by Pakhi, a young volunteer at Sama. Continue reading

Pregnancy and Covid vaccine trials: Gender justice compromised

On June 11, 2021, a pregnant woman approached the Delhi High Court seeking vaccination for pregnant women on a priority basis. The petitioner also sought directions to the Union government for setting up of separate vaccination centres for pregnant women who are at high risk, and the creation of a registry for monitoring their medical condition post vaccination (1). The case was a pivotal point in the history of Covid-19 vaccine rollouts in India, because it demanded a clear communication from the Union Government for vaccination of pregnant women… Continue reading

Covid-19 worsening the mental health crisis in India: A Primer

In December 2019, the first comprehensive study of the prevalence and disease burden due to all mental disorders for every state of India from 1990 to 2017 was published in the Lancet. It indicated that one in every seven people in India is affected by mental health problems and called for urgent systematic procedures for better diagnosis and management of mental disorders across the country. But, with the impact of the pandemic, we have every reason to believe that mental health only went on to be a more serious and ignored problem in the country. Continue reading