Webinar Series on Vaccines: Download PPTs

There were numerous requests during Webinar 1 of the Webinar series on ‘Ethical and Legal Challenges in Research in Preventive Vaccines and in Making Vaccines Accessible’ to make the presentations of the speakers accessible to the attendees for future reference. Here are the presentations:

Webinar 1

  1. Covid 19 Vaccine Candidates and Trials by Dr. Satyajit Rath
  2. Covid Vaccine Trials: Standard of Care, Serious Adverse Events (Injuries and Deaths), Compensation by Dr. Santanu K. Tripathi
  3. Scientific and Ethical Issues in Covid Vaccine Trials by Veena Johari

Webinar 3

  1. Issues with Covid 19 Vaccines in Advanced Stage Clinical Trials in India by Malini Aisola

Due acknowledgement of source and authors in use of the content or reference of these documents will be greatly appreciated.

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