The Unravelling Pandemic: Envisioning our Intersectional Feminist Futures

Sama has built a comprehensive engagement with the COVID-19 Pandemic over the last three years through webinars, consultations, capacity building, research insights, and policy-level advocacy. These processes are deeply embedded in our overall intersectional feminist approach to understanding how multiple forces interact to reinforce conditions of inequity, discrimination, and social exclusion.

It is within this context that Sama has prepared a framework titled The Unravelling Pandemic: Envisioning our Intersectional Feminist Futures. This intersectional feminist framework is based on the experiences, knowledge, and lived realities of people from all walks of life grappling with the pandemic, as well as learnings from frontline health workers, scholars’ perspectives on the history of pandemics and public health crises, and the findings of researchers and scientists working at the intersections of science, medicine, and public health. It is a response to the current and possible future pandemics or public health emergencies, and is intended to be a reference guide that can be adapted to specific locations for policy planning, advocacy, and solidarity.

The summary of the framework has been developed into a video and translated into multiple languages.

Read / Download the framework

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