Towards Addressing Gender Inequity and Gender-Based Violence: ASHAs

Adding to the series of training modules designed for healthcare providers, titled Towards Addressing Gender Inequity and Gender-Based Violence, is a training module tailored for ASHAs.

As front-line community health workers, ASHAs have very frequent interactions with the community. Because of their location, they are also accessible and are often a safe and initial point of contact for survivors of violence. Enhancing the perspectives and knowledge of ASHAs on gender, gender norms, and GBV can facilitate the identification of situations of violence and minimize the impact of violence on survivors through treatment and linkage with the appropriate health services.

The training module also covers essential information, including key legal mandates to address GBV, the role of the health system in responding to GBV, the role of ASHAs in building awareness about GBV, and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to support survivors.

The module is designed for flexible implementation. It has 12 sessions, requiring about 12 hours to complete. This can be spread over 2–3 days. Alternatively, the sessions can be scheduled as one-hour segments during ASHA monthly meetings or based on the availability and convenience of both trainers and participants. Each subsection is accompanied by a guiding script for the trainer, including indications of the recommended duration. Nevertheless, trainers are encouraged to remain responsive to the group’s needs, allowing for more extended discussions in specific sessions and shorter ones as required.

View or download the Module for ASHAs

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