Unravelling the Pandemic: Envisioning our Intersectional Feminist Futures: A Video

This video illustrates an intersectional feminist framework that has emerged from the current pandemic. It interrogates the pandemic and presents some of its diverse dimensions critical to public health response.

The intersectional feminist framework is based on a collective and evolving understanding. It is envisaged that the framework will provide direction for analysis of similar contexts in the future.

Concept & Coordination: Sarojini Nadimpally
Text: Sarojini Nadimpally, Priyam Lizmary Cherian, Deepa Venkatachalam
with Devaki Nambiar, Neelanjana Das, Pragya Tripathi, Adsa Fatima
Narration: Devaki Nambiar
Illustrations: Srinivas Mangipudi
Animation, Editing & Sound: Ranjan De
Produced by: Sama – Resource Group for Women and Health (2022)

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