Students from Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune visit Sama


A group of  second year students who are specialising in ‘Family and Child Welfare’ in their Masters in Social Work at Karve Institute of Social Service in Pune, Maharashtra, visited Sama as a part of their educational trip to Delhi. The students were keen to know the issues with which Sama engages and the strategies it has adopted in its work. The Sama team provided an overview of various work areas and our research, training, capacity building and advocacy activities. The students acknowledged learning from the interactions about understanding health beyond biomedical milieu and as an intersectional social issue, which differently impacts people based on gender, caste, class, race and location. The documentary film “Can we see the baby bump please?”, which is produced by Sama, was screened for them and was followed by a discussion on commercial surrogacy in India. Sama team sought to orient the students to understand surrogacy as a part of the larger Assisted Reproductive Technologies industry.

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