World Mental Health Day – 2020

poster series by Sama to commemorate the world mental health day 2020

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day – 2020, Sama is releasing a series of posters on mental health.

The impact on mental health in the current context has been devastating. Undoubtedly, urgent and adequate resources and strategies to promote mental health are necessary in the immediate and long term to address the social determinants of mental health and ensure accountable, equitable and responsive psychosocial care. The series of posters is an iteration of these and other steps that are imperative for mental health. 

The posters are creative expressions to amplify the young women’s voices and perspectives on mental health that emerged from a research by Sama (Interrogating Interruptions 2019). The posters reflect the intersections of gender, poverty, caste, and sexuality leading to every day experiences of violence, surveillance and control of mobility, education, and work. They emphasise the importance of accessible, safe and supportive spaces, while affirming the agency and resistance of those in situations of mental distress/ aspiring for mental health.

The series of posters can be used and disseminated widely with due acknowledgement to Sama.

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