Participation in Review of SDGs

Sama participated in the global strategy meeting of CSOs with UNFPA held in Lisbon on December 2015. This meeting facilitated discussions on the implementation of ICPD beyond 2015. An interactive dialogue was done with UNFPA on the advancement and implementation of the outcomes of ICPD and the inclusion of the post ICPD agenda in drafting of the SDG 2030 goals.

Sama was also a part of country level discussions in 2015 on how CSOs can partner to ensure that the outcomes of ICPD Beyond 2014 review process are taken forward and integrated in the best possible way into the post 2015 SDG agenda in India. They also participated in consultative meetings in Delhi giving their inputs on finalizing target indicators of Goal 5, implementation of a gender sensitive focus in all the SDG indicators and discussions on possible monitoring of SDG through CSO’s.

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