Participation in Panel Discussion on Surrogacy at SGT University

Sama participated in a Panel Discussion on “Surrogacy: Social, Medical & Legal Issues” at SGT University Gurgaon, Delhi NCR on 20 September 2016. The other panelists were senior faculty members from the departments of law, behavioural sciences, gynaecology and nursing. The discussion was moderated by an anchor from the DD News, Mr. Ashok Srivastava. Students from the departments of mass communication, law, social sciences, medical sciences and nursing also participated in the discussions.

With the government announcement to ban commercial surrogacy in India, the discussions focused on issues like: stigma around infertility, proliferation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs), use of IVF in surrogacy in contemporary times, regulation of ARTs and surrogacy – globally and in India as well as the rights of women acting as surrogates and child rights.

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