Body as ‘Resource’ in surrogacy and medical research: New Frontiers and Dilemmas

Sarojini Nadimpally and Vrinda Marwah

This article is part of the edited volume titled Equity and Access: Healthcare Studies in India. The volume is edited by Purendra Prasad, Amar Jesani and Sujata Patel, and published by the Oxford University Press in 2018.

The volume:

  • Unravels the complex narrative of why inequities in the health sector are growing in India
  • Explores whether globalization creates new opportunities or obstacles in democratizing health care systems;
  • Assess the role of state in its obligations to ensure universal access to health care in terms of caste, class, and gender;
  • Provides a holistic narrative that explains the politics of health care access in terms of distribution, utilization, and outcomes.

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