22nd Meeting of the Central Supervisory Board (PC-PNDT)

Sama was invited to participate in the 22nd Meeting of the Central Supervisory Board constituted under the PC-PNDT Act (1994) on 13th October 2014 in Delhi. The meeting was part of a process to review the PC-PNDT Act and include ARTs within its gamut to prevent pre-conception sex determination.

The deliberations were attended by the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Minister for Women and Child Development and other policymakers, along with academics and other public health and women’s organizations. Sama was invited to this meeting in relation to the incursion of assisted reproductive technologies into the practice of sex selection.

The Minister took in cognizance the ever-present danger of ARTs being actively used for the purpose of pre-conception sex selection, and asked for Sama’s feedback regarding clauses within the existing bill that may need re-engagements or re-working.

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