Surrogacy and Social Movements in India: Towards a Collective Conversation

This article is part of the edited volume titled Cross-Cultural Comparisons on Surrogacy and Egg Donation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives From India, Germany and Israel, edited by Sayani Mitra, Silke Schicktanz and Tulsi Patel, and published by Springer Verlag, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham in 2018. This chapter is part of Sama’s attempt to advance more clarity and nuance on the vexed question of commercial surrogacy in India. Continue reading

Researching assisted conception from a feminist lens

This article is part of the edited volume titled Re-Presenting Feminist Methodologies:
Interdisciplinary Explorations, edited by Kalpana Kannabiran, Padmini Swaminathan and published by Routledge India in 2017. This chapter analyses how the need to study and critically engage with assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and their significant offshoot commercial gestational surrogacy has marked our decade-long engagement as a women’s health group. Continue reading