Beyond Limitations: A Roundtable on Rights & Issues of Young People

Sama’s work with young people, particularly from marginalised communities, started 23 years ago on a range of issues related to health and healthcare, including sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, and mental health, through an intersectional approach. Sama has worked on these issues over the years with community-based organisations, women’s groups, and health networks through capacity building, research, policy-level advocacy, and creating knowledge resources for young people.

Drawing on from these years of work with young people, there is a realization that certain challenges still remain in the areas of gender, sexuality, violence, and mental health: difficulties in obtaining comprehensive sexuality education; lack of adequate menstrual and reproductive care; teenage pregnancies; access to safe abortion; access to education; compelling concerns of early or child marriage.

In this context, Sama is organising a two-day Roundtable “Beyond Limitations: Reflections on the Current Landscape of Rights for Young People” through a feminist lens. This Roundtable that will take place on September 27-28, 2023 at IIC, New Delhi, will facilitate an exchange of insights between organisations working at the grassroots with adolescents, allowing us to learn from a multitude of engagements, innovative solutions, and responses to current practices, as well as re-look at the complexities and challenges. The Roundtable will provide an opportunity to explore together future pathways and collectively contribute to the critical dialogue to amplify the voices, concerns, and rights of young people.

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