Meeting with DCWD regarding the status of implementation of the PWDVA

The workshop for the Protection Officers (POs) in Delhi raised critical issues about the status of implementation of the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) as well as challenges that the POs faced in its operationalisation. A meeting with the Delhi Women and Child Department (DWCD) was held by Sama and Jagori (who had jointly organized the workshop for protection officers).

The DWCD, which is the nodal agency for protection officers, expressed interest in continued orientations for the POs and was willing to provide space and schedules for the same. While this was a welcome step that could be initiated through a collective process involving diverse organizations and expertise, it was also critical for the DWCD to address other fundamental issues vis-à-vis the POs and implementation of the PWDVA.

Recommendations on improving the working conditions of the POs that emerged from the workshop of 2011 were shared with the DWCD.

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