Surrogate advertising by doctors comes under the scanner

Bindu Shajan Perappadan | The Hindu | 31 May 2010

The Delhi Medical Council has issued a stern warning to medical establishments in the Capital that advertise their doctors and “first-of-its-kind” procedures done by them.

In a bid to ensure safety of patients and put a halt to the aggressive advertising exercise being carried out by some hospitals and nursing homes in the city, DMA will soon put in place a review team that will look into the matter and issue warning to the establishments indulging in “marketing their hospitals and doctors”.

The Medical Council of India strictly prohibits individual doctors or their services being advertised. “So what we are seeing is called surrogate advertising which is not allowed either. Despite clear rules that advertising individual doctors is not allowed, medical establishments in the city seem to be doing this on the sly and we are not happy with this violation,” said Delhi Medical Council secretary Dr. Girish Tyagi.

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