Seminar on ‘Health Insurance: Trends and Challenges’

Sama organized a seminar on 28 June, 2013 to discuss, debate, and share experiences around current trends and challenges vis-à-vis the health insurance sector in India. This seminar brought together about 20 representatives from Delhi based organizations including community based organizations, networks and research institutions and also 4 key speakers including speakers from Sama.

The seminar included presentation and analysis of different studies and schemes on social health insurance, and community health insurance in India. Some of these were Sama’s study on health insurance, the RSBY study from Chhattisgarh, the Family Planning Insurance Scheme (FPIS), the Comprehensive Health insurance Scheme (CHIS) in Kerala and the state initiated schemes in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Using a framework of right to health, discussions on concerns of operationalization of various schemes in the context of corporatization and privatization and increasing number of PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) in insurance and its impact on universal health care were also initiated during the seminar.

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