Seminar on Advancing Feminist Debates Around Reproductive Technologies

Sama organised a seminar ‘Advancing Feminist Debates on Reproductive Technologies ’ on 7th April 2012 at NCUI Convention center, New Delhi.

The seminar brought together feminist scholars, activists, writers and policy makers from across the country. It was organized in two sessions, namely Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Sexuality and PC-PNDT and Feminist Reflections.

In the first session on ARTs, a discussion on the increasing use and expansion of ART technology and its consequences on the ideology and structure of the family.

The second session on PC-PNDT addressed the dilemma engendered by the differential response of feminists on the issue of abortion in the context of sex selection and disability. The discussion highlighted the necessity to see both gender and disability as social constructs and participants critically discussed how the trajectory of feminist politics has responded differently to right to abort in these two instances and what are the steps to be taken that are needed to address these concerns through advocacy and multiple action platforms.

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