Challenging Population Perspectives in School Curriculum-A Study on Representation of Population in textbooks

Sama has been engaging on the issue of coercive population policies and the two child norm through research, advocacy and campaigns against. Sama has also been involved in the initiative for development of curriculum for NCERT school text books.  In the course of this engagement, we felt that the institution of education plays a critical and influential role in representing, understanding, analysing and amplifying crucial social and political issues, including population. The perspective on population in most Indian textbooks is based on incorrect, incomplete information and outmoded assumptions. Such content helps suppress and subvert alternative views and analyses.

Hence, a review of school text books was conceived by Sama to explore how the notions of  population and overpopulation are depicted in the school textbooks, to locate our concerns and challenge deep-seated misconceptions regarding the issue through alternative theories /understanding

The review included examination and analysis of relevant content from social science textbooks (mostly) for classes 7 to 11. It included textbooks of National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), Indian Certificate for Secondary Examinations (ICSE), Delhi State Board of Education and the State Boards of Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala.

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