Second National Bioethics Conference, 2007

Sama was a co-organiser of the second National Bioethics Conference, which was held from 6th to 8thDecember 2007 in Bangalore. The theme of the conference was ‘Moral and ethical imperatives of health care technologies: Scientific, legal and socioeconomic perspectives on use and misuse’, with the focus on three sub-themes: Technologies in medical practice; Research on health care technologies; Health care technologies, Public health and policies.

Sama contributed a workshop on ‘New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: Ethics and Women’ in the conference. Resource persons for this workshop were Ms. Sarojini N. from Sama, Sama; along with Ms. Young Gyung Paik, Korean Women’s Link, South Korea; and Ms. Farida Akhter, UBINIG, Bangladesh.

The objectives of the second National Bioethics Conference was to enhance awareness, sensitivity, and enquiry on bioethics; to facilitate inter-disciplinary interaction, discussion and communication on bioethics; to provide platform to popularise the discipline and providing an impetus for its growth.

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