Pandemics & Public Health Webinar Recordings

Sama Resource Group for Women and Health with the Gender, Justice & Health Thematic Group of People’s Health Movement (PHM) are organising a series of conversations titled Pandemics and Public Health: Learnings from the Past and Present. Envisioned as a series of conversations on equity, gender, intersectionality and access to health care technologies from a feminist and public health perspective, these conversations aim to introspect on the present moment while recognising its past linkages, attempting to make collective sense of the future. Here we present the recordings of the webinar series for those who could not attend due to time differences or other engagements.

Webinar 1

The speakers for this webinar, which was held on 30 March 2021, were Dr. Prashant Kidambi and Dr. Carlo Caduf. The talks were facilitated by Prof. Aditya Bharadwaj and Prof. Rama Baru.

Webinar 2

The speaker for this webinar, held on 16 April 2021, was Dr. Eugene Richardson and the facilitator Dr. Vineeta Bal.

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