Norwegian stuck in limbo with twins not genetically her own

Sumitra Deb Roy | The Times of India | Mumbai | 21 July 2010

It’s a story that defies conventional norms and seeks to redefine questions of law and ethics across boundaries. An unusual surrogacy case that has opened a can of worms came to light early this month when it was discovered that a Norwegian mother was trying to return to her home country with twin boys who share no genetic link with her.

In May 2009, Andras Bell (name changed) approached Rotunda fertility clinic in Bandra and commissioned a surrogacy. As she was suffering from premature ovarian failure, the 31-year-old woman, with the help of the clinic, chose a sperm donor of Scandinavian origin and an Indian egg donor. The tailor-made embryo created within 48 hours was implanted in the womb of an Indian surrogate, and her boys were born in April this year.

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