Inter South Dialogues


2006| CREA, INFORM, MASUM, North East Network,TARSHI, Sama

Inter South Dialogues presents a report of a three-day Consultation on Reproductive Rights and Sexual Rights among activists from Latin America and South Asia held in New Delhi on 14-16 February 2005.  The report encapsulates the discussions among participants from Latin American countries (Chile and Peru) and South Asian Countries (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal).  Themes of the discussions included: Latin American experiences in formulating The Inter-American Convention on Sexual and Reproductive Rights; Health, Women’s and Lesbian movements’ engagement with sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America; movement towards decriminalisation of abortion in Nepal and Sri Lanka; campaign against sex-selective abortion in India; society and State responses to LGBT issues and sexual rights movement in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.  The report also captures the essence of dialogues that dealt with threats of corporate globalisation, fundamentalisms, militarisation and decreasing democratic spaces.

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