16 Days of Activism-2020

Join us in the #16DaysofActivism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

Flyer of #16daysofactivism against Gender Based Violence

Break the Silence! Amplify our collective voices!

Join us in raising our collective voices for the recognition of GBV as a public health issue, for a comprehensive health system response to prevent and address GBV. Health care, including psychosocial care, medico-legal responses for survivors of GBV remains critical, particularly in the current context of the pandemic where binaries of COVID and non-COVID care have posed further barriers to access healthcare and other support services. 

The Human Rights Advisory on Rights of Women in the context of Covid-19 by the National Human Rights Commission reiterates the accountability of governments and relevant departments to address GBV and provide quality, care, and support to all survivors without discrimination or denial.

Please find the NHRC Human Rights Advisory on Rights of Women in the context of Covid-19 here.

Voices against GBV on Human Rights Day

This year on International Human Rights Day, 10th December we are joined by healthcare providers/doctors/individuals to speak out against gender based violence.

Sama strongly believes that voices from the health service providers go a long way in building awareness and expressing solidarity with the survivors. It also visualizes the important role of health systems in strengthening their response to prevent and address gender-based violence.

Voice of change- Vidit, Shrinidhi,Priyadarsh, and Savithri who are a group of Doctors from Shaheed Hospital, Dalli Rajhara, Chhattisgarh, bring to us a strong message of recognizing GBV as a critical issue of public health importance, and also explain how gender overall is a crucial determinant of health for lives of women and girls and affects their access to healthcare.”…The 16 days of activism is providing us an opportunity to commit ourselves to health care systems that are sensitive to gender issues and provides non-discriminatory healthcare to survivors of gender-based violence…

Especially in the present times of the pandemic, the crisis of GBV has emerged as a critical concern amongst other socio-economic and systemic issues. With the health service providers, medical professionals affirming zero tolerance to gender-based violence and reiterating  GBV as a public health issue can be very helpful in motivating and mobilizing other young doctors, medical professionals in coming forwards to speak out against GBV.

Voice of Change-Prerna and Savitri- Doctors practicing at Shaheed Hospital, Chhattisgarh, hear them recite a poem challenging the sexuality norms of controlling women’s bodies in society. Prerna herself has penned down this poem. Join us in listening to this message and sharing it forward. #16DaysofActivism2020#OrangetheWorld#GBV#BreakTheSilence

Our heartfelt thanks to each of them for taking out time to send across this message. More power to these voices and hope they lead to creating.#MoreHealth# MoreWellBeing #ZeroViolence

We also had many activists and individuals who joined us this year in amplifying the voices against Gender-based Violence !

Sama strongly believes that voices from the society go a long way in building awareness and expressing solidarity with the survivors.

There is a necessity to maintain continuous dialogue in order to ensure that GBV is recognized as a public health issue.

We thank everybody who wrote back to us and sent messages and posters, helping raise awareness and standing in support of the survivors of GBV.

Please tweet and share the messages with us. Let our many voices in diverse languages reach out as widely as possible.

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