An excerpt on the impact of mental health on communities post COVID-19 second wave

While COVID-19 has laid bare the varied fallacies in our society, the one issue that has plagued our country across its rural and urban landscapes is the severe impact that the pandemic has had on the mental health of people, even if the underlying reasons might vary. Sadly, it has taken a global pandemic to finally garner the attention required to address the mental health concerns in India.
Sama team visited two states, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, in the months of September and December, 2021 respectively, to understand the mental health concerns in the aftermath of the second wave of COVID-19 and how people were recuperating from the adverse outcomes of the pandemic. The team conducted informal group discussions with the community – primarily women and adolescents, members of civil society organizations as well as frontline workers of the State.

A brief report of these interactions is shared hereby.
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